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July 5, 2019

“We create and share value by connecting, balancing and recognizing every person in our system, building up sustainable and relevant structures in the world”.

By Maria, building together to challenge traditional structures.


  • In 2028 By Maria will be acknowledged as the number one platform for sustainable manufacturing practices in Europe
  • We will be a global reference case of social and shared value creation.
  • Our workshops will be worldwide recognized as an example of social development and quality of life increases, in a direct manner and extended to the community.
  • We will be a magnet and the favourite platform for development and growth of new design talents.
  • Our seal will behave as a lovemark, being preferred by our growing community of conscious clients.


We are in love with the idea to support human beings. This means giving relevance to each one of the humans which take part in our system, focus on creating value first to society and therefore create value to the company Humans are the centre of our system and money is a happy consequence. Our system supports human beings, that support human beings; we make products that transform society.

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