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Alfredo Luis González Parra

Alfredo Luis González Parra, a Cuban born designer, studied product design at the Superior Institute of Industrial Design in Havana and at the Zurich University of the Arts. In 2017 he completed a Master of Arts in Product Design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The creation of design objects and open meaning artifacts using ancient materials and production techniques as a resource is a very important part of his work. It navigates the space between art and design, modernity and tradition, and strongly questions the nature of functionality. His work is a constant process of cultural and aesthetic exploration. Developing products and concepts based on multidisciplinary strategies, with an eye always on current social and cultural issues. LinkedIn:ález-parra

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Carlos Bautista

I’m an Industrial designer from Bogotá, Colombia, who specializes in audio-visual, web, and multimedia product development. My work focuses on new digital media, Augmented Reality and Data Visualization; I’m able to turn ideas into projects by using methods as Design Thinking to generate a Human Centered Design Approach to tackle social issues. I have worked in different companies and as an external consultant in several fields such as short film production, web development, and product design. I like to think that technology is a tool to improve people's life and the majority of my work it's been focused on developing products and services to honor this cause. Throughout my work I've been mixing design and technology to contribute to close the information gap, for those who still don't have access to goods and services, especially in developing countries. LinkedIn:

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Catalina Jossen Cardozo

I enjoy playing with shapes, colors, and materials. It is part of my nature to make compositions everyday mixing this three elements, with a clear intention or without, in my private life as well as in my job. I am sure all elements in our daily life are connected and gets better according to their context. I’ve been designing shoes since 2006, for private clients, for different companies and for myself. I would say the passion for shoes born with me. It is a complex element that plays a powerful role in our lives, not just in the functional sense of this object, but in the way we project ourselves to the world through this object, shoes. Pinterest: ktalinak LinkedIn:

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Louise Tautou

Louise is an interior designer who is passionate about spaces. She has nourished her experience in the terrains of product design, landscape gardening, and lighting. She recently focused her scope on landscape gardening exploring alternatives to the traditional techniques and theories. She believes that explore other areas within the creative industries will improve her vision and own identity as a designer. Instagram:

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Margarita Torres

Born in Bogotá, Colombia. Textile designer and passionate for shoes. After graduating from Textile Design, from Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, went to Italy to learn the art of designing and making shoes. Had the opportunity to study Footwear Design, at Istituto di Moda Burgo, and Footwear Modelling and Design, at Ars Sutoria School in Milan. Nowadays designing for my own brand of shoes, Margarita Torres; a brand created thinking in women who like to feel different and unique. Of course, I keep my passion for textiles, which I let flow every now and then in my designs. Happily found a new and beautiful group of clients… brides. Love to be inspired by them, their happiness and romanticism. It´s unique design challenge with each one of them every time. Now working in a new line of products to complement my designs. Facebook: Facebook:

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